Dubai Jetmen

If you haven’t seen this before then there are really only two possible reactions. Wow! or total fear. Personally I wanted to get me one as quickly as I could. Watching these and listening to the guy who sounds like Jacques Cousteau talk about flying like this made me want to strap a Kevlar wing with 4 jet engines to my back and jump off a helicopter and blast around like Iron Man. If this is the future of personal flight jet-pack wise I want in. Don’t ya just know that these will be in one of the blockbuster movie franchises soon.

Another Start

It really doesn’t seem that long ago I restarted this site with great intentions and what I thought was a clearer focus on what I wanted to do with it.

Ya, can see where we are now, right? I hated the (silly) term “Green Field” when it was used at a place where I work to describe starting over with no data, so I won’t use it.

Due to some issues–mostly mine–as well as a few bad choices for some of the tools used for the previous version of this site it was a better choice to start clean.  Not to point fingers, some of the plugins for these sites aren’t perfect and some don’t really do what the say they will, some don’t even work at all.

I’d like to believe that this time it will be different and better, at this point all I can believe is that it is a fresh start and it will be better.