This is the most recent version of this website.  All past versions are gone and while I may recreate a post if that information interests me again I feel no obligation to do so.

If something on this site offends you, that disappoints me deeply, you should go visit a site where you aren’t distressed, please try to think of it as one of those “it isn’t me, its you” events and move on, feel better.

I get lots of things emailed to me daily, and in some cases I will put some of them to what I see as good (fair) use.  In some cases I don’t know or couldn’t tell you off the top of my head what the original source is and would need to do some more research, if I’ve already done that research then I probably have included credit to that source in the article.

If you believe that I’ve stepped on your copyright please send me your claim and I’ll happily evaluate what needs doing. In most cases it is very easy to sort out, a very few others not so much. Do be aware that if I don’t agree that you are the “Original”  source or the delegated agent for that source then I will ask you to prove it before taking any action.  If you are reasonable then I will be too. In any case where we disagree that’s really just too bad, then again my lawyers have to eat too so there is a up side.

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