P!nk – So What

I laugh every time I watch this video.  Maybe it’s wishful thinking, I just hope that there really are some of those “personalities” so that are so carefully managed and promoted that are “actually” dysfunctional–not just an act for the publicity or ratings.  I really do hope for the Pinks and Britneys in the music business that they do get out there and misbehave.  Its “real” to do bad things, we love you for the train wreck, it makes us want to believe you aren’t as perfect as your publicist says you are. We hope that all of the money that you have really doesn’t make the real world problems go away.  Please, don’t fake it up, do the real thing, let go, blow your cool, throw a fit–or a drink–hell make it a Molotov cocktail, tear the walls out of the hotel room, and melt the place down. You will be rewarded.

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