Rocky Horror Picture Show – Time Warp

#70s #70smusic  – One of the first things that I learned when I got stationed in Australia in the 80s was this song was on every juke box! (maybe its a law or something) and It got played and we all did the time warp! Freaking MAGIC!

Damnit Janet! I doubt I’ve mentioned it, this is one of my absolute favorite movies.  Made for nearly nothing out of nearly nothing, some of the cast actually brought their own wardrobe. Total Win!  It plays in theaters frequently here and around the world. When you go to one of the showings there is no judgment. BE the character you want to play and get into it, dress up, pl;at your part, do the dialog, sing. Extra points if you have seen “Shock Treatment (1981)” Kind of a sequel (Not nearly as good, still cannon).

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