The Hollies – Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress

This is one of those songs with a story, while the statute of limitations may have past on some of the deeds involved since 1975 there are some stories that you can’t share till all of the participants are dead, or the government agencies of all involved parties declassify the events, or you write that tell all autobiography.

Till then make up your own. The opening setting is a bar in the capitol city of a foreign country that is at best grey on the authorized travel list. The decor would be late mid-modern revival seedy disco/strip club, including two suspended dance cages and what appears to be a homemade disco ball with about a third of the little mirror pieces randomly missing, the ugliest purple carpet covering the non-dance floor area to half way up the walls.

The players are an assortment of military guys from various service branches of a handful of countries most are very young . Additional players of note include several beautiful young ladies of negotiable affection (three of these ladies don’t speak any language common to anyone else–they do understand that nobody rides for free and can adequately express the fee structure in any language). Two tattoo artists, four cab drivers, a street vendor. Extra persona are a medium sized flock (the flock was medium sized not the tourists some were large-ish and nearly all somewhat pear shaped) of tourists (mixed nationalities), and a gaggle of local constables.

Mix this all with a loud music, lots of alcohol, undefined and often not well understood rivalries, and the edge of crazy that can only occur at the best of times.   Just remember, there was no youtube back then and that we all love happy endings!

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