The Darknet, the Deepweb the other bigger hidden part of the internet. It isn’t indexed by Google, Yahoo or Bing. For the most part it and its parts are hidden from the daily users of the Internet. This part of the web is an absolute mystery to most and no one really knows how big it is and what is really there, this is honestly a case where most of us us have no clear idea of how far the rabbit hole goes or where it goes to.

I want to know a lot more about it and the things that make it up, what’s there and how to use it.  The parts and pieces, the software required and the tools to use and the processes to go through.  What is the value of the Deepweb? Why should I use or not use the Darknet? The places to go, places to visit and places to steer away from.

There are at least three common layers that deserve study.

  • Freenet
  • Tor
  • i2p

There are apparently several different sorts of software, technologies and protocols used. These all deserve to be looked into and studied.

  • Tails
  • Firefox Browser (configured for Tor usage)
  • Others

There are services that appear to have great value in this sort of environment.

  • VPN
  • Proxies

There are some additional considerations that also need investigation and study. So far only gently scratched at the top surface of a very deep subject.  There are several social angles that deserve study, privacy, crime, commercial usage, surveillance, anonymity, safety and even security.