House Network Environment

Cables Plugged Into Switch
Ethernet Cables Plugged into a Switch

Over the years I’ve made huge changes to the environment I work and use at home. While in the past the computers and connected devices have always been separate and discrete from the computers and phones it isn’t that way any more and those lines have blurred to where I find it hard to see them any more.

The workstations and laptops are a mix of Linux (three different flavors) and Windows (two or three different versions).

The Network itself has modems, routers, wireless, switches, hubs, ll pulled together with Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables.

Other appliances that we use such as TVs and support boxes, Raspeberry Pi Kodis, Rasplexes, Network Attached Storage (NAS), asupport servers to provide central database and web server functions.

Then there is that essential layer of assorted software packages that allows it all work together (or not).

There are External services like VPN, External Web Hosting, Cloud Storage and Email.

Without putting the keys to the kingdom out there for the world to use or perhaps worse for other geeks to make fun of me and my stuff I want to outline and describe what I have and why I have that vs something else. What else I’ve tried will almost certainly come into this since what exists now is the result of trial and error replacing what is with what is better (not just newer) and the thoughts that went into making those choices.