Old (ish) Music Videos

guy-playing-gutarI visited a restaurant recently—the food was pretty good—what really tripped my trigger was the non-stop play of old music videos from MTV and VH1 on one of the sets of monitors scattered through the place.

Call it middle age or perhaps the sound smacked the big red button mysteriously labeled “Nostalgia Fetish” and one of my personal OCD queues kicked in. Fascination takes over I’m locked in.

Wow! It doesn’t matter that I’ve seen these before—some of them many times (especially in their original context time wise)—in other places at other times. I am loving it. This is cool, I need to not just be able to see these again I want need to be able to remember these and enjoy them again.

I have the technology to do this. How cool to have lots of these on the NAS so that I can play them on the big screen (Living Room TV at my house) and let them randomly flow through my environment.

Time for me to start searching, collecting, curating a new collection where I can assemble some of these incredible old(ish) pieces of eye (and ear)-candy that cause the neural cascades that bring me the memories of times and places while not necessarily forgotten but certainly displaced by current events and the day-today we all inhabit.

I will start posting some of these here—resonant memories—at least links to them. If nothing else, I’ll be able to access them whenever I want.

Dubai Jetmen

Dubai Jetmen flying

If you haven’t seen this before then there are really only two possible reactions. Wow! or total fear. Personally I wanted to get me one as quickly as I could. Watching these and listening to the guy who sounds like Jacques Cousteau talk about flying like this made me want to strap a Kevlar wing with 4 jet engines to my back and jump off a helicopter and blast around like Iron Man. If this is the future of personal flight jet-pack wise I want in. Don’t ya just know that these will be in one of the blockbuster movie franchises soon.